Why Should I Choose Whip Style Vaporizers

by on November 7th, 2014


A whip is made up of three essential parts, the mouthpiece, wand and tubing. The first part, the mouthpiece is where one places the mouth in order to inhale the vapor. The second part, tubing which on average is about 36 Inches long and come with a silicone or a vinyl. It is where the vapor travels through while one is inhaling. The third and most important component is the wand. Mostly made of glass, it uses a screen for holding your herbs or blends and then connects to the heating part on your Whip Style Vaporizers.

Benefits of Using a Whip Vaporizer

Why Should I Choose Whip Style Vaporizers

When looking for the right vaporizer that exactly suits your needs is not an easy task. The internet can easily get you confused with the wide range and variety of vaporizers offered on the market. You have to be really patient in looking up for the right vaporizer. Real herbal enthusiast won’t get irritated quickly. There are many different types of vaporizers. An example is the forced-air vaporizers. It has a tower style type of design. This vaporizer is designed mostly for home use. Another type of vaporizer is the whip-style vaporizer. It has a desktop form. It is plugged into an outlet, creating convection current using a chrome heating element inside a compact box shell. The vapor is inhaled through the whip as the name suggests. It is a popular unit being used by patients who are at home to inhale important medicinal vapor. These are great first course vaporizers since they heat up rapidly and it’s really easy to see how much herb you have used.


The Whip Style Vaporizers comes with 2 whips. The whips are interchangeable so if you are afraid of germs and do not want to share your whip this would be a good choice of a vaporizer. The whip vaporizer allows you to inhale as much as you want, then you can remove the bowl and you can continue smoking later when desired.

The whip vaporizer produces a thick, dense vapor. Once the vapor is produced you can inhale it using the whip immediately, you do not have to wait for the vapor to build up for you to inhale.

Whip vaporizer allows you to control how fast and the amount of vapor to inhale. When you inhale at a lower rate, the vaporizer produces a lot more vapor and when you inhale faster, the vapor becomes more potent and it increases the effects. Whip vaporizers are a great because it heats up quickly and you can see how much herb or blend you have used.

It is easy to use because it has a hand free type of connection, what this means is that you don’t have to hold the tube while inhaling, the wand is just plugged in the heater and you can start inhaling the vapor. If you are looking to buy a vaporizer I am highly recommending you take the whip vaporizer because as seen above it has more pros.

The Best Vaporizers On The Market

by on August 20th, 2014

It seems that ever since the inception of electronic cigarettes and e juice, people have begun to shy away from traditional smoking devices. E cigarettes have been praised as the newest way to enjoy a smoke, without any of the harmful side effects of smoking cigarettes; in fact, vaporizers have been shown to help people quit smoking altogether. For most people, the convenience of an electronic cigarette is its greatest selling point. These e cigarettes have an incredibly long life, approximately 5 years, and offer consumers options to customize their own cigarette. With all of the benefits, it can be hard to tell which are the best vaporizers on the market, but the good news is that there is a number of great options for new smokers to try.

Green Smoke E Cigarettes — One of the best options in electronic cigarettes for new smokers is the Green Smoke Brand. In 2008, this brand was one of the first e cigarettes companies to come to the United States. Green Smoke offers users an easy-to- use e cigarette that only comes with two parts, which allows a person to easily replace their atomizers with no hassle. Since its first line of e cigarettes hit the market, Green Smoke has grown in size and popularity, offering a plethora of new cigarette options. Green smoke is a good option for those looking for an e cigarette that will not break the bank.


Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes — Bull Smoke prides itself on offering one of the most potent and bold e cigarette flavors around; the brand is well known for its bold and brash tobacco flavors that offer smokers a familiar taste. Still, Bull Smoke’s vapor does not leave any harsh smells in the air, making it perfect for smoking inside a home or even an office. Similar to the original Green Smoke model, the Bull Smoke e cigarette offers users the simple to use, two part device.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes — For those looking for a wide range of smoking options, atomizer types, battery options, and e juice flavors, V2 is a great choice. V2 is an e cigarette company that has been in business since 2012. Though it is not the oldest vaporizer business, it does offer some of the most comprehensive e cigarette markets around. V2 offers starter kits, standard kits, couple kits, and ultimate kits that fit all budgets. With every kit comes the E cigarette, atomizers, battery charger and E juice.

What Do You Feel While Inhaling Vapor?

by on April 22nd, 2014


After all the preparations of the herbs and assembling the vaporizer, switching it on and the magic happens, vapor is produced. The moment all users of the vaporizer have been waiting for, inhaling the vapor. How you feel when inhaling the vapor greatly depends with the individual user. There are so many factors which determine how the user is going to feel, from the type of vapor formed, thick or thin, to the type of herb or blend being vaporized. Also the type of vaporizer determines what you feel when inhaling vapor.

How it feels

Once all the vaporizers are set up and the vapor is ready, like for the balloon vaporizer, it accumulates in the balloon and is ready for inhaling. In whip vaporizers, only a few seconds are required for the heater to start producing vapor and as one inhales the more it’s produced. In pen vaporizers, as you inhale, they light up brightly like a cigarette butt.


Possibly there are three ways of inhaling vapor. The first method is the mouth inhale. It is done by taking a quick short breath and the lips bulge. This is not the best way of inhaling vapor because the vapor remains in the mouth and the exhaled. Depending on the flavor, you are going to smell the nice aroma and have a taste on your tongue. For you to feel the effects the vapor must reach the lungs to enable the active ingredients to be absorbed.

The second type is mouth to lung type of inhaling. It is done by inhaling first into the mouth, slight pause after taking the whip out of your mouth then swallowing slowly into the lungs. Hold for a moment then exhale. This method will allow you to feel the effects of the herbs or blends used. This is a much better mode of inhaling than the first one.

The third method is directly to the lung. It is done by inhaling normal, the way you breathe air into your lungs in order to survive. This has the most effect on a person. Vaporizers are free of toxins so you will not get a cough as you inhale unlike people who use smoke. The vapor is warm and smooth while it travels through the throat and trachea to the lungs. It is warm because the herbs are not completely combusted hence does not irritate the throat or trachea.

Vaporizers with wet pads and oil being vaporized together with the herbs produce the best vapor and feeling while inhaling. The three of them each play an important role. The wet pads increase the moisture content making it smooth, the oil mostly is scented produces a great smell and flavor and finally the herb itself depending on its chemical composition which dictates the effects on your body. No one can tell you how exactly it feels when inhaling vapor. You just have to try it for yourself to know how it really feels.


Thinking Of Buying the Plenty Vaporizer

by on March 5th, 2014


If you are thinking of buying the Plenty vaporizer, then you are on the right track to purchasing the right vaporizer. When someone asks of a high-end and great quality vaporizers the first one that comes into mind is the plenty vaporizer. The Plenty is made by a German company which is well known for their high quality of products. It is handheld vaporizer. To ensure the healthiest vapor possible, only food-safe materials free of aroma are used in the building of the product.

Various features

First of all the most important feature is the quality of the vapor produced. It works by first heating up the air before it heats the herbs. It has liquid pads which add versatility. They allow for the liquid together with the dry herbs or blends to be vaporized. This makes the vapor produced pure and has a flavor, the process is better known as convectional heating. The vapor produced is quite thick, which is very good.

The cooling system of the plenty vapor is efficient. The vapor is cooled down nicely. It is a whip type of vaporizer. This is beneficial to the one using it as it allows you to control how much vapor is produced and how much vapor is inhaled.

The plenty vaporizer is a hand held device. Although it sounds like a disadvantage that it has to be plugged in to continue working, hence limiting movements while using it… If you want to vaporize some herbs and smoke with your friends, I would not recommend the plant. Its use is not suitable for a group of people. The balloon vaporizers are better suited for a larger crowd. On the upside, you can relax alone in one spot near a main switch and enjoy in the comfort of your home.

It is also a small unit and is light, it weighs around 1.5 pounds. It also has the ability to vaporize liquids and oils like the ones used in aromatherapy. When you purchase it comes with a few screens, a liquid pad, mouthpiece, grinder, cleaning brush, both along as well as a short vapor tube, and some instructions to read to help people who have never used it before.

The Plenty Vaporizer also has a rotary-dial on the side of the unit allows for the temperature to be adjusted to the desired range, which drops as low as 266°F and as high as 396°F. An analog temperature clearly displays and conveys the current internal temperature of the device. This is helpful in preventing of applying excessive heat and staining the wand.

If you are tight on budget, the plenty is a great choice and is affordable compared to other vaporizers in the market. Looking at the big picture, the pros are more than the cons. It produces quality vapor, is easy to use, it is durable and most of all it is affordable. You will not regret making this decision, but wondering why you did not do it even earlier.


Putting Plant Material in Your Vaporizer

by on February 3rd, 2014


The plant material or blend for your vaporizer is the substance that contains the active ingredients. Herbal blends and tobacco have been smoked for centuries to this day. The material is heated up which in turn produces vapor. The vapor produced contains numerous compounds which you inhale so as the lungs to feel the effects. Not long ago people were burning herbs directly with a flame and producing smoke. The smoke produced has a lot of toxins. Technology advancement has created a device that enables you to control the combustion process. It utilizes a temperature controlled air flow to volatilize the active ingredients of the herb. Due to the reduced capability of combustion of the herb, the toxic by-products are eliminated in the vapor, which is beneficial to you as your health is not at risk.

Adding the Plant Material into the Vaporizer

The herbs acquired to be put in a vaporizer should be dry. Wet herbs will produce more water vapor than the actual active ingredients. Wet herbs or the presence of moisture will reduce the potency and effects of the vapor. Then you should break the dry herbs into smaller pieces or grind them, grinding is the better option. The herbs should be packed loosely in order to be able to produce a lot of vapor.

14In the whip type of vaporizers with a hands free type of connection, the herb is put in the wand, and then it is connected to the heater to start vaporizing. You should not put too much herb as it requires some breathing space in order to produce more vapor and also don’t put too little herb as the vapor produced will be insufficient and it will not be thick.

Another technique of making the moisture thick is by adding liquid pads together with the plant material. This helps in producing a thick vapor, which most people enjoy. The other method used to sweeten the flavor to the vapor. Essential oils can be mixed with the plant material to improve the scent of the vapor.

If you are using a whip type of vaporizer, first assemble the whip, and then the next step is to load the plant material on to the glass wand. After that you connect the wand into the heating chamber and turn on the device to start heating up. The basic rule when loading plant material is to fill the receptacle to about one third of the total capacity. Filling up the whole may reduce the efficiency of the device.

On the other hand, the balloon type of vaporizer, the plant material after it has been prepared is loaded onto the vaporizer bowl. Then you cover it with the bowl screen and turn the device on to start filling the balloon with vapor. All in all putting the herbs, plant material in the vaporizers depends on how it is manufactured but the preparation of the material is same in order to produce good vapor. It gets better after doing it several times.


Best Place To Buy Legal Vaporizers

by on November 11th, 2013


Vaporizers have been at the center of a legal debate whether to legalize it because of its controversial use. Vaporizers can be used for good purposes for example; people who are sick can smoke herbs which can help them feel well. Some herbs also contain important nutrients and substances which are vital to the human body. However, other people use vaporizers for malicious reasons, for example for smoking marijuana. For the people who want to use vaporizers for good reasons always come to a point where they ask themselves where to buy legal vaporizers.

Places to buy vaporizers

To be able to identify the best place to buy legal vaporizers might be challenging, you have to check the price, the quality of the vaporizers that are being sold in a particular place and the variety being sold in a particular shop. You can shop online or visit the various stores and shops.


There is no one place you can say that it is the best place to buy a vaporizer. You can get a good vaporizer at the pharmacy store. Pharmacy vaporizers can be used to vaporize steam, which is used to relieve cold and flu like symptoms. It also restores the moisture content of a room.

Online markets can also be said is a good place to buy a vaporizer. You can view various types of vaporizers. The price is also displayed online. This enables you to make a sound judgment. Going through various websites and reading the content carefully about the various products on sale will enable you to determine where to buy the vaporizer. Some companies also offer free shipping services. This is definitely a good place to buy although it does not say much about the product. Others will offer a return policy where buy if you are not satisfied with the products within a certain number of days you can return the unused portion then exchange with another vaporizer only of the same or lesser value. That is a reasonable company.

There are legal vaporizer dealers who import the vaporizers from other countries. Most of the imported devices are usually sold at a lower price than the locally made products. This normally attracts people to go and purchase them in a hurry without really scrutinizing the parts. Other shops may offer services to help you assemble, that there is a good place to buy a vaporizer.

So to be fair to all the marketers and dealers out there, in order to find out the best place to buy a vaporizer, you have to look at the device manufactures, some companies have proven to make better vaporizers than others. Another thing is to check on the warranty, the devices that are likely to break even if you take extra care of it and use it properly still breaks down. The seller will give you a shorter warranty. The longer the warranty the better, that shop is a good place to buy.